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Our Stained Glass Gallery

At Little Oak Stained Glass Studio we love making anything with colour and glass! We hope you like our gallery that showcases some of what we have done and look forward to making something nice with you.

Stained Glass Skylights

Skylights are windows, positioned and installed horizontally. Natural and/or artificial lighting can be used. With the right preparations, there is no limit to size. As with the example of photo 1, which in total measures 2x4 meters. Nearly an entire ceiling became a spectacle of light, shade and colour. This stained glass skylight was created from a personal theme,combined with creative sketching, innovative ideas, nature, fire painting, silver stain and other methods that gave the theme the clarity, shade, light for personal satisfaction. To purchase a stained glass skylight, then give us a call

Stained Glass Windows

Stained Glass Windows are our main products. We specialize in fire painting, combining modern contemporary with medieval and traditional. Using etching, patina, enamels and silver stain. As with stained glass doors, sometime reinforcements need to be included to make sure windows can withstand the forces of nature or the air pressure caused by slamming doors. To purchase a stained glass window, then give us a call

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Stained Glass Door Panels

We handle all shapes and sizes of stained glass door panelling. With intricate shapes, a template is made to insure correct fitting. Some stained glass doors need reinforcement either through cross bars or reinforced lead to make sure safety can be guaranteed under all circumstances. Fire painted or unpainted glass can be used to create motifs, colour and shading. To purchase stained glass door panels , then give us a call

Stained Glass Signs

Signs say it all! From house numbers to lit up advertisements and delicate mosaics. Stained glass signs are colourful and a great attraction for the eye. If something needs to be seen and be pretty at the same time, a stained glass sign is doing the job! Fire painted or unpainted glass can be used to create motifs, colour and shading.

If you are interested in purchasing a stained glass sign, then give us a call

Stained Glass Mirrors

Any size or design can be made. We boarder the shape with stained glass to make it a unique gift for weddings 21st or other occasions. We create innovative designs with mirror glass. There are different tints to mirror glasses and the edges can be bevelled or straight. We back each mirror with a plastic coating to prevent scratching we can also frame the mirror with timber edges, if desired.

If you are interested in purchasing a stained glass mirror, then give us a call

Stained Glass Suncatchers

Sun catchers are free hanging mini windows which have as its main purpose, to please the eye! Your stained galss suncatcher can depict anything. Your premises, pet, lost love, angel or favourite car or both. Any image, personal theme or innovative idea can be sketched on glass.

To purchase a stained glass suncatcher, then give us a call and send us your image!

Stained Glass Trinkets

Trinkets are very small sun catchers. They can be three dimensional, like the butterflies. All are finished with the stained glass finishing’s to give it that extra quality.

A stained glass trinket from Little Oak glass is the perfect small gift. Ideal buying on line. If you are interested in purchasing a stained glass trinket , then give us a call

Stained Glass Call Signs

For those who don’t know: callsigns are made up out of letters and figures. In the world of amateur radio they identify a person, or station.

For most radio amateurs or radio experimenters as they are called in Ireland, a callsign is something to be proud of.

Because of our soft spot for all things to do with radio QRP and radio home brew, we thought it a good idea to include them in our range of stained glass products.

Stained glass call signs and fired painted stained glass suncatchers can be ordered just with the very basic letters and figures or can include special designs, names or QTH, as such mentioned on QSL cards.

If you are interested in purchasing a stained glass call sign, then give us a call.

Stained Glass Lampshades

Sizes and shapes of lampshades can vary endlesly. So far we have made them with diameters of between 20 to 150 centimeter. We make them either in tiffany or lead, depending on size and requirements. To see some examples have a look at the photos below to get an idea of what can be done.

If you are interested in purchasing a stained glass lampshade, then give us a call

Family Crests

Family Crests lend them self particular well for being made into stained glass panels. This probably is because of their medieval feel with some times Latin inscriptions and resolute, worshipful, symbolic motifs.

For us, all of this makes them one of the bigger challenges. We love doing them and put great effort in to getting things right. To purchase a stained glass family crest, then give us a call