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Frequently Asked Questions

The art of fire painting is an ancient craft. What we try, on the one hand, is to keep it alive and on the other, find an appropriate innovative ways to incorporate it into stained glass personal panels for people with a modern day design.

Often when stained glass is mentioned people automatically think of Cathedrals and medieval times gone by, not realizing that stained glass can play a pivotal role in today’s modern times. Innovative ideas create uniqueness for the purchaser.

Stained glass is THE medium for wherever an image, design, illustration, logo or picture is desired. It creates a feature which liven up places where light exists, it can make a dream come alive.

Little Oak Glass is a small business, and therefore is able to deal with the client directly and individually and on a personal basis. It could even be said that, because of this, both sides get a higher degree of satisfaction. Not only in terms of communication which is more pleasant and personal, but also the end product will gain the highest expertise from the direct, individual correspondence and efficient dialogue. We aim to bring alive the art of stained glass and give the personal touch to individual themes. 

Although in general we tend to concentrate on window panels for doors and skylights, we have noticed from orders and inquiries, personal individual family crests, callsigns and suncatchers with personal themes are popular too.

Recently, questions were asked by a customer, about putting stained glass in a reasonably well sheltered garden. We provided answers to what is possible under the given circumstances.

It was great that the customer felt they were able to discuss with us this innovative idea, the evidence of which they enjoy.

1.We get requirements from client

2.We visit or contact the client.

3.We discuss options e.g. likes and dislikes, colours, favourite themes, etc.)

4.We determine a rough guide for the finished object time, type of glass, and price.

5.We give three illustrations (these are priced at 20% of the overall price which is deducted if the client goes ahead) within a specified time.

6.We consult with the client for the second time and decide what they want/choose. They give us 50% of the price up front.

7.We give time estimation and the finished price.

8.We complete the job and organize delivery.

Sun catchers vary in shape and size but are hardly ever bigger than let’s say a square foot or so. This is on the one hand, because very often they are hung in the window by a suction cup which makes for a limited hanging weight, and on the other hand, price considerations and speed of delivery come in to play, all depending on what is desired.

However if a bigger sun catcher is required we would advise that it would be hung in a more permanent way. Personal themes and pet subjects can be created in a very exclusive individual way by using stain and firing the glass in the kiln.

Recently we added copper framed flower scenes to our collection. Educated in metalwork engineering jos always had a soft spot for copper and brass. (It might have something to do with the fact that my dad was a coppersmith).

Copper as opposed to steel is an extremely willing and cooperative material to work with. Newly polished and soldered it will have this appearance of quality and durability. Unprotected it will blend with time but its richness remains unaffected. In fact, I find that some of the older pieces gain with the passing of time in terms of ‘good looks?and become unique.

As in other solder work we use Novocan Black Patina and Copper Patina from Dublin Art Glass or Pangur Glass Craft where appropriate.

Because of size, small stained glassprojects such as Sun catchers, Trinkets and Call signs are easiest to send by post.

Locally, only with pieces that require special attention, Little Oak Glass will install the stained glass. More commonly the customer is asked to take care of this and arrange a (well established) glassier for this very specialized job.

It can happen that the panel gets broken or damaged in some way. We do all repairs by giving an estimation and repairing the broken pieces.

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Yes. We repair stained glass objects when viewed by us and an appraisal given to the customer of the possibilities.

Look to see if it is puttied and the soldering is even and not skimpy on both sides.

If we need to send stained glass by post all care possible is taken to ensure your piece will arrive on your doorstep in perfect condition. We do not charge a handling fee! However, no responsibility is taken for shipping. Within Ireland we have good experience with An Post. No extra postage is charged on top of the current postage costs from An Post which can be checked here. Packaging costs will be added to the bill where appropriate. To avoid disappointment afterwards, please do enquire if in doubt. Customers abroad, in this regard are urged to check before ordering.

Yes, we have done stained glass restoration work for several projects and we have the expertise to continue to do so. Give us a call to discuss what you have in mind and we will go through it with you.